three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard taking responsibility for leadership

Leadership: Do I take responsibility?

Leadership turns out to be a vague concept in practice. Sustainable leadership even more so. 


Leadership in personal life even seems to be harder than leadership at work. But actually, at the most basic level, the process is the same. 


Leadership is about taking responsibility—one step at a time.



We identify spheres of influence and take responsibility. 

Then, a new sphere of influence and we take responsibility again. And we always start by taking responsibility in our sphere of personal responsibility. 


Example in the workspace: 

We discover that we can influence the process of software code quality – > We take responsibility for our code first -> We take responsibility for showing examples and guidelines for quality code to colleagues -> We take responsibility for code quality keeper in our team and possibly in our organization. -> We work with other people to add automation, tools, and practices. -> and so on. 


Example in personal life: 

We find that too much coffee is bad for our nervous system. -> We take responsibility for the health of our nervous system. -> We find ways to lower the coffee intake -> We replace drinking 2nd or 3rd or 4th coffee with black tea, green tea, quality cocoa, inca, or chicory. 


There are always options once we take responsibility. 

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